Blog Posts on Ego Depletion by students

The course Human Decision Making (year 2020-2021) contained an assignment in which students were asked to write a blog post about ego depletion. Ego depletion was one of the topics discussed in the course. It refers to the idea that a person’s self-control or willpower is drawn from a limited pool of mental resources, and that these resources can run low. Although many people can relate to this in everyday experiences, and a huge number of studies have shown this effect, lately scholars have raised doubted about whether this effect truly exists.

Out of the almost 100 blog posts written for the course, three were selected to be placed on this website. Eva Garcia Moreno focuses her blog post on the potential of mindfulness to attenuate the effects of ego depletion, referring to recent findings and critically reflecting on these. Merel Smeets discusses the potential positive effects of implementation intentions, prayer, and a good mood. Niels Mulder writes about his troubles in learning the piano, and how ego depletion seems to have bothered him at a young age.

Congratulations to these students for writing these inspiring blog posts, and we hope you enjoy reading them.

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