Erica van Herpen


Erica van Herpen is associate professor in consumer behavior. Her general research topic is consumer behavior at the point-of-purchase in retail settings. Topics center on (1) general store context (store layout, atmospherics, social influence), (2) on-shelf product presentation (shelf organization, product packaging, health claims), and (3) the use of novel research tools such as the virtual supermarket. In addition, Erica examines consumer food waste.

New project: Food Waste, from Excess to Enough

Hungry? There is always food nearby… The food sector aims to provide people with food anywhere, anytime. People themselves have a tendency to focus on having plenty…

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REFRESH: food waste webinar series in April-May 2019

Bringing together food waste experts from across Europe, the REFRESH Community of Experts (CoE), a virtual resource and knowledge sharing platform, has launched a series of four…

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Comparing wasted apples and oranges

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” is a quote that has been attributed to Lord Kelvin (although in reality his wording was different). In…

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When attitudes go to waste

Oftentimes people waste products that could still be used, that is, products that still have remaining value left. For instance, they waste food that could still be…

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Where to place the organics?

Have you ever noticed how in some supermarkets the organic products are placed in a separate section of the store, all next to each other, while in…

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Can bonus packs deceive consumers?

When doing your shopping, you have surely encountered so-called ‘bonus packs’: products in enlarged package sizes, with the extra bit of product for free. The producer offers…

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Can a virtual supermarket bring realism into the consumer behavior lab?

When consumers are presented with a store in virtual reality (a simulation of an actual store), is their buying behavior similar to actual behavior in the real…

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Organics unpacked

Have you ever wanted to buy fruit and vegetables in your local supermarket and wondered about the plastic wrapping that these products often come in? Have you…

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Mindfulness to become aware of your feelings of hunger and satiety

Mindfulness is a “hot” topic at the moment. In the last decade hundreds of books have been written about mindfulness: mindful parenting, mindfulness for managers, and yes,…

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