Ellen van Kleef


Ellen van Kleef is associate professor at the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group. She studies overeating, self-control and healthy food consumption interventions. She focuses on the role of subtle cues in the environment that cause people to overindulge and on how changes in the environment (smart interventions) can assist in self-control. She published her research in international journals such as Journal of Health Psychology, Food Quality and Preference, Appetite, Psychology and Health and Public Health Nutrition.

A gradual healthier assortment in a school canteen; impact on sales and student evaluations

Improving healthy eating in schools Many adolescents have poor eating habits and struggle with overweight. As much as 50% of their calories are consumed at school, so…

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Equally happy consumers with more healthy vending machine snacks and drinks

Many consumers struggle to make healthy choices, particularly in an environment where tasty, convenient and inexpensive foods are present in abundance. A vending machine is a typical…

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BNR Interview: “Red Bull geeft toch geen vleugels”

Energiedrankjes mogen niet meer op hun verpakking zetten dat ze de concentratie en alertheid verhogen. Op donderdag 7 juli werd Ellen van Kleef geïnterviewd op BNR over…

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For the love of bread: Sometimes a nudge is not enough

Many people know that the placement of products at supermarket shelves is done in such a way that consumers spend more money on the most profitable items….

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Flexible dieters are more successful dieters

Maintenance of a healthy body weight is challenging for many people. Diet success rates are generally low and it has been shown that 50% of the weight loss…

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