The Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group of Wageningen University is dedicated to advancing knowledge on downstream and upstream actors within food and agribusiness chains. We see (agricultural) marketing and consumer behaviour as ‘flip-sides’ of the same coin. Our group’s academic research is concerned with consumers and primary producers with active involvement of stakeholders.

Key themes within the consumer behaviour pillar are consumers’ health and sustainability-related food choices, consumer acceptance of new technologies, and how environmental (e.g. choice context) and product-related (e.g. packaging) cues affect food choice (e.g. in retail and out-of-home context) and consumption behaviour (e.g. mindless / mindful eating).

The agricultural marketing-line focuses on market orientation and responsiveness of primary producers as a way to enhance their performance, and how this is impacted by individuals and institutions. Examples include market orientation strategies of primary producers, the adoption of price risk management instruments, and the integration of African smallholders with export markets.

We are also active in teaching about these research fields. The group includes ten academic staff members and around 20 PhD students and researchers.