Arnout Fischer


Arnout Fischer is associate professor in the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group. He studies consumer response to new technologies in food products and production. He thinks that consumer response to food innovation can only be understood if we realise that food is very special. Food is that special because all consumers have very much social and cultural knowledge what food should (or should not) be; and food consumption is very emotional.

What do consumers consider to be meat?

In our research into how cultured meat  fits within the idea of traditional meat we stumbled upon a problem. We did not know what consumers consider to…

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What makes consumer positive about cultured meat?

Cultured meat, is meat that is grown outside of an animal. To grow cultured meat we take some cells from an animal and let them multiply until…

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Nanotechnology becoming old news?

Nanotechnology seems one of the most important breakthrough technologies of the last decades. Nanotechnology can enable improved versions of many existing products. For example, nano-supplements added to…

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Consumer attitudes towards food nanotechnology

Nanotechnology depends on manipulation of matter on a really, really small scale, which allows creation of materials with properties not found elsewhere. Besides high tech, science fiction…

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Feelings about nanotechnology

The research development of applications and communication about nanotechnology has been going on for about 20 years; yet consumers still have little knowledge about what it is….

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